Yep we here at were super stoked to have had our master videographer Jake Munro and his crew down in Southland for the Unit Farm Jam.

The Unit Farm Jam has proven itself to be the number 1, Two Wheels Freeride event in NZ.  If you like bikes (of any kind) and want to go to one of the most well run freeride events in the world, then you need to get to the next Farm Jam.  This year loads of the world’s top riders converged to Southland New Zealand to sample it at it’s best.

Check out this super sweeeet EXCLUSIVE edit from our number one crew.  For more of their work check out TVNZ’s Airtime TV on Channel U on Mondays at 9.25pm (NZ’s home for Action Sports).

And here is the official Press Release from the Red Bull team with photos thanks to Dave Coulson Photography

Over 2,000 eager spectators flocked to Frew Farm today to witness an almost unbelievable display of two-wheel madness. This year the weather co-operated and the true potential of this unique event was finally brought to life.

The view from the start

Riders from as far as Spain, Andreu Lecondeguy, and USA, Anthony Napolitan, joined forces with strong a contingent of Australian and local pros to create a BMX, freestyle mountain bike and FMX showdown like no other.

Welcome to the Farm Jam Train

For this year’s Farm Jam the Frew brothers stepped it up another notch. The BMX and freestyle mountain bike course was in top condition and with the long spell of fine weather; the jumps were running hard and fast.

Luke Parslow gets rowdy!

The MotoX and FMX track has been intensively refurbished and it was obvious from the start of the first FMX practise session, this would be a day to remember. In the previous day’s riding Matt Schubring (AUS) was a standout, with Nick Franklin fresh off the back off his Nitro Circus Live tour.

The Frew crew put on a world class show as always. The jumps were in perfect shape.

Schubring unfortunately pulled out due to injury, leaving the door open for Nick Franklin, who took first place on the FMX podium after back flipping almost every jump on the course.

“It was my first time flipping on dirt, so to flip three jumps in a row; I’m stoked!” commented Nick Franklin.

Not to be outdone by the 250cc’s and the bigger 4-strokes, the pit bike crew took over the course to show it’s not all about the size of your bike, but how you use it. These riders are a real crowd pleaser, providing plenty of thrills and spills. Pit bikes are all about fun and these guys definitely got their fair share.  For the record, Jacob Scammell took out the title.

Next it was FMX boys to show what they were made of. The Farm Jam course mixes natural jumps carved from the hillside with standard FMX ramps. The result is a fantastic flowing course allowing riders to show off their individual style and lay down some technical tricks, mixed with MotoX inspired fast cornering and big airs.

Big names from all over the world and loads of top kiwis were here to sample some of NZ's finest

After lunch the crowd moved as one towards the bike line and populated the banks with anticipation of the coming and most popular events; the freestyle mountain bike and BMX sessions. Both of these competitions see the riders in a relaxed jam format, judging each other.

Lewis Jones and Chris Beverland show the Mainlanders how the North Islanders roll

This creates some great vibes and allows the competitors to push and encourage each other to new levels of riding. Stand outs of the freestyle mountain bike session where Lewis Jones and Conor MacFarlane but it was Andreu Lecondeguy (ESP) who took out the glory with some huge 360’s flips and superman’s.

Andre Lacondeguy in action. Photo by Simon Makker

By far the most popular and a true crowd favourite were without a doubt the BMX session. The jumps are set up so well, for so many combinations, that it is rare to see the same tricks repeat themselves.

The big set at the bottom of the course provided two back-to-back jumps, which provided the riders the chance to finish a run with some big tricks, stamping their mark on the competition.

Getting down to serious business was Kyle Baldock (AUS), who threw down front flips, back flip whips and a heart stopping double back flip. Luke Parslow (AUS) had a bag of tricks so deep, he made 3 huge runs without repeating a single trick.

Andreu Lecondeguy (ESP) who competed in his third event of the day, made a couple of nice turn-down back flips and some big 360’s. Anthony Napolitan (USA), who also stepped it up a gear, nailing his infamous no-handed front flips, flip turndown to late turndown and double trucks; all with his usual clean powerful style.

Andre Lacondewow! All three disciplines..kinda makes him the man really?

 The Bolter twins – Gorge and Louis (NZ), also impressed with Louis making front flips and 720’s and George landing back-to-back 360’s from top to bottom. The session was fittingly finished with all riders flowing down the course in a tight train.

With the session finished it was time to call in the votes and the overall winner was deservedly Kyle Baldock (AUS). “I’m super stoked on the whole event, everyone rode so well. I wish that everyone could stand on the podium with me,” commented Kyle.

Farm Jam is a truly unique day in the action sports calendar of New Zealand and is a credit to the ongoing efforts of the Frew family to promote a multi disciplined event that attracts riders from around the globe.

BMX: 1 Kyle Baldock (AUS), 2 Luke Parslow (AUS), 3 Danny Campbell (AUS), 4 Anthony Napolitan (USA), 5 Ryan Lloyd AUS).

FMX: 1 Nick Franklin (NZ), 2 Tyrone Gilks (AUS), 3 Pat Bowden (AUS), 4 Callum Shaw (NZ), 5 Joel Brown (AUS).

MTB: 1 Andreu Lacondeguy (ESP), 2 Connor Macfarlane (NZ), 3 Lewis Jones (NZ), 4 Phil McLean (NZ), 5 Nick Dethridge (NZ).


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