We dropped this sweet edit this morning but got these equally amazing photos from Dave Coulson and felt it needed it’s own article.

For full results see our video of Red Bull Roast It 2013

How good is this place! NZ represent.

A world class line up...ready to roll

Corey Bohan booooosting

Jed Mildon at the end of his Best Line Winning Run

Great shot of Nick Cooper

Kye Forte

Jed's huuuuge line winning transfer that no one else probably even saw..Yeah Jed

Mike "Hucker" Clark with one of his Event Winners

The Podium with possibly the most amazing backdrop in the world.

One of the many riders landing double and triple Tail Whips

Droppppping in

Trail Crew - Respect

Say what you want about Nathan Greenwood..but we think he (and his crew) is the man

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